Christmas “Wishes” & “Needs” Donated by UltraSource Employees to Adopted Bridges Families

Jan 5, 2018








For the past 15 years, UltraSource has been adopting families at Christmas through Bridges, a local non-profit Domestic Violence Support organization. This year, the generosity of our employees was truly amazing – each child requested a bicycle and we were able to fulfill those “Wishes” and many more. Photos: Left (L) gifts at USI taken to Bridges (from far left) Michael Casper, USI CEO & President, Dawn Reams, Director of Bridges, Dawn Hallett – USI, Colleen Casper – USI, and Michael Dardis – USI.

Many of the Bridges families are homeless or without resources; according to Bridges “it is with the support of community members that we are able to give those in need something to smile about this Christmas. We are able to provide them with the critical services needed to get through this troubled time.”

An excerpt from a Thank You Card received from one of our adopted Bridges family reads: “Thank you so very much for your generous and thoughtful gifts for me and my children. Their excitement on Christmas day will warm my heart and I will have you to thank for it.”

UltraSource has been supporting Bridges for over 15 years as one of their local corporate charities of choice. Bridges is a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims and survivors of domestic violence, to find out more about Bridges please see:

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