UltraSource Thin Film Products

Various custom thin film samples

For over 20 years, UltraSource® has been partnering with its customers to design and fabricate customized thin film circuits and thin film components for wireless, fiber optic, and RF/microwave systems.

UltraSource has developed a sophisticated collection of design solutions and modular processes that include basic single layer components for chip and wire design, integrated multilevel passives, and complex, high density, multilayer circuits. The collection of these design families and modular processes have now been organized into the UltraSource Technology Platform to provide designers with the most comprehensive suite of customizable thin film solutions available anywhere.

UltraSource’s Technology Platform

UltraSource’s Technology Platform provides designers with the opportunity to pursue innovative ideas for solving the most challenging design problems. These modular processes can be tailored to meet precise specifications and provide cost-effective and versatile solutions, including:

  • MINIATURIZATION: More functionality fits into a small space and enables new methods of reducing circuit and overall package size.
  • SPEED: Designs can be compacted, which means that connections become shorter so overall signal speed increases.
  • POWER: The compact designs possible with the multilayer platform mean that power consumption is reduced.
  • DESIGN: The platform opens a world of new design possibilities.
  • BANDWIDTH: Multilevel integration enables the construction of wide bandwidth connections between the functional blocks of different layers.
  • PART COUNT: Less piece parts result in lower costs for purchasing, storage, assembly, and test.