UltraBridge™ is an innovative solution to the inherent problems related to wire bonds and standard air bridges. In this unique process, the interconnect conductor layer is applied and patterned right on the substrate surface. Silicon nitride (Si3N4) is then applied as an encapsulation layer and then patterned and etched. Contact windows in the silicon nitride layer are also made. A final standard thin film layer is then applied. The result is a durable, consistent interconnect solution that can be used to replace fragile air bridges. By reducing masks steps and eliminating the need for bond wires, UltraBridge™ is an extremely cost effective and efficient solution. The UltraBridge™ technique also reduces the number of mask steps by 30% over air-bridge techniques, resulting in reduced design complexity and increased reliability. The hardness of the silicon nitride creates a very robust interconnect design unaffected by accidental compression during inspection or assembly.