Corporate Overview

Your Thin Film Source – providing thin film circuits and
thin film manufacturing for a diverse set of high technology
customers for over 25 years.

UltraSource, a Vishay Intertechnology company, is one of the most advanced thin film circuit and thin film interconnect manufacturers in the world. We partner with customers to develop and manufacture integrated circuits that benefit from less expensive and more versatile materials and processes than traditional semiconductors. Our innovative technologies are leading toward a future without wire bonds and with more components being integrated on multiple layers of thin film.

Since our founding in 1991, UltraSource has been steadily growing and reinvesting in our advanced UltraTechnologies, people, and facility in southern New Hampshire. Today, we offer outstanding opportunities for customers to team up on their design challenges and for employees to build a career. Our family-like atmosphere stems from solid leadership at the top, and has created a culture of pride and dedication to delivering superior service.

UltraSource, Inc. is ITAR compliant and registered as a defense contractor with the United States Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls and Compliance.

UltraSource Markets

Tap into our vast experience

When your thin film circuit challenges require professional expertise to solve critical issues, you need a thin film supplier that has overcome a variety of issues in various markets. In addition to being focused on becoming the most efficient end-to-end thin film manufacturing facility in the RF and Microwave and Lab-on-a chip markets, we’ve also made it a point to find a balance in the industries we serve. As a result, we’ve experienced nearly every thin film design and manufacturing challenge imaginable, and can put that experience to work for you.

Markets we serve:

  • Defense and Homeland Security
  • Telecommunications
  • Sensors
  • Medical Imaging
  • Biotech/Microfluidics

Environmental Health and Safety

Our management structure at Vishay UltraSource provides full compliance with regulatory requirements set forth by local, state, and federal agencies. The processes established within Vishay UltraSource are developed to provide sustainable protection to the environment and human health. The Environmental Health and Safety management system supports our company initiatives developed to provide our thin film customers with regulatory excellence and superior quality.

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Vishay UltraSource is ISO 45001 Compliant. Please click here for our certificate

Vishay UltraSource is ISO 14001 Compliant. Please click here for our certificate



Our quality is second-to-none

In a world of customization and technical challenges, we understand the importance of customer service, communication, and process control. From the moment you request a quotation to the moment your product is shipped, we strive to let you know we’re on top of the details. Nothing is more important to us than delivering circuits the way you want them, when you need them.

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Our vertically integrated thin film factory is a key to our quality and success. Our customized 25,000 square foot facility houses millions of dollars of critical equipment that we use to complete your order on-time. A variety of cleanrooms provide the workspace and clean conditions that enable high yields and throughput for all of our manufacturing processes. The facility infrastructure provides make-up air, exhaust, nitrogen, compressed air, vacuum, deionized water, water treatment, and cooling water to thin film processing equipment.

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Supplier Quality

Vishay UltraSource General Supplier Quality System Requirements

Vishay UltraSource reviews our Quality Management System requirements regularly to ensure that all customer requirements and expectations are incorporated and that our suppliers satisfactorily comply with these requirements. In addition, it is our goal to regularly identify and incorporate improved quality systems or industry practices. Requirements contained in the General Supplier System Requirements Q0501 apply to all Vishay UltraSource suppliers with the exclusion of janitorial and stationery suppliers. Suppliers are required to confirm that they are using the correct revision of Vishay UltraSource Quality Documents and adhere to the Supplier Quality Notes – see current PDFs contained on this page. Should you have questions, please contact either the Quality Manager or Purchasing Department.


Customers at the heart of everything we do and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We proudly serve a wide variety of customers representing many facets of the tech industry.

Conflict Minerals

UltraSource shares the concern of our customers that the sources of minerals used in the manufacture of our products are not considered “conflict minerals.” Conflict minerals pertain to certain minerals (such as tin and gold) that are mined in countries where conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuses are reported to be occurring; most notably in eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Our commitment to address this concern includes a two step approach

Step 1 – UltraSource has taken steps to ensure that the purchased materials used in our manufacturing process (such as gold paste) that contain minerals (such as tin) are free of conflict minerals. UltraSource has written assurances from many of its suppliers of metal alloy materials used in the manufacturing process of UltraSource’s products that the sources of such minerals and raw materials are not from the DRC or other nations or regions in violation of human rights.

Step 2 – UltraSource is also working with our supply chain to ensure that the purchased materials used in our products are free of materials containing conflict minerals. We are asking that our suppliers support our concern and we are involved in an ongoing effort to collect the necessary supporting data and applicable evidence as part of our due diligence.


UltraSource is committed to supporting our local business community and we do so through partnering with our “Charity of Choice”, Bridges, and the American Cancer Society.

Our outreach initiatives include:

  • An annual blood drive.
  • In-house fundraising for employees to participate in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.
  • Adopting families at holiday time for gift giving.
  • Collecting non-perishable items for Bridges’ emergency shelter pantry.
  • Giving monetary donations to our Charity of Choice in lieu of giving gifts and cards to our customers.
  • Give employees eight paid hours off to do community service.