How UltraSource Built a Reliable Delivery System for Our Customers

Apr 15, 2014

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Many of our customers are high technology market leaders who demand 100% on-time shipping (OTS) and quality from their supply chain. As a custom thin film job shop, achieving 100% performance takes extraordinary commitment to building and executing a reliable order fulfillment process. All of the devices we fabricate are custom designs and these devices range from simple chips that we build by the tens of thousands per week to devices that are complex satellite or military products that we build by the hundreds or thousands per week.

But number of devices is not a usable tool for managing capacity and delivery on custom products because of the wide variation in labor or machine demands from all the different variations. We have learned during our 23 years in business that in order to be successful, it is critical that we manage our capacity by using a collection of business processes that synchronize our daily planning, product design, and manufacturing efforts. In 2007, we installed an ERP backbone for our order fulfillment and management system and today we use it to quote, plan, purchase, schedule, diagnose, and monitor production and capacity. Our fully functioning ERP system is programmed with manufacturing labor times and yields in order to give us useful factory simulations and management information. In 2010, we developed UltraFAST in the factory as a production system that allows us to build devices in days or weeks, instead of months like our competitors. UltraFAST is fully integrated into the planning tools of the ERP system. In 2013 we further developed, refined, and optimized many planning and execution functions into an ever improving reliable delivery system for our customers. Shown above is a graph of our OTS performance for our top 10 customers (by volume) over the last 5 Quarters.

As this performance data shows, we have spent the past few years optimizing and building a reliable delivery system for our customers because we know that OTS performance is very important to our customers. This component of our business is an important gauge of customer satisfaction and this, coupled with short lead times and the quality of our devices, keeps our customers coming back to us time and time again.

We think our OTS performance shows our commitment to our customers. This type of delivery performance is exemplary for a custom job shop. So, if your present thin film supplier can’t keep their delivery promises, you should consider giving UltraSource, Inc. a try.

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