Management Tool #1 is: Continuous Improvement

Jan 23, 2017

USI’s Management Tools

This newsletter is #3 in a 10-part series to explain the 10 great management tools that we use to help us be the thin film circuit supplier that you can really depend on.
  1. Contract & Quality Review
  2. Statistical Process Controls in Manufacturing
  3. AS9100 Quality Management System
  4. Risk Management Processes
  5. UltraFAST Program

In our last newsletter we explained how we think that partnering with a good, trustworthy, supplier like UltraSource (USI) can benefit your company in many ways:

  • Lower waste and rework in your operations
  • Improved on-time deliveries and product quality
  • Increased yields and productivity
  • Faster time to market by using UltraFAST
  • Lower total cost for doing business

And in that newsletter, we explained that we use 10 great management tools to help us be a consistent, trustworthy thin film supplier.

Management Tool #1 is Continuous Improvement.

Our management team has developed rigorous Continuous Improvement (CI) methodologies in order to eliminate problems that affect the cost, delivery, and quality of the custom thin film products we build. These CI methodologies can best be summarized as:
  • Finding the true root cause(s) of undesirable events
  • Identifying and implementing corrective actions
  • Assessing the effectiveness of corrective actions
  • Preventing recurrence of the undesirable events

8D = Team Based Problem Solving

We really like to use the 8D or 8 Discipline approach as a team-oriented problem solving method for tackling problems. The 8D process was invented at Ford Motor Company in 1987 and follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model. We find the 8D format is easy to teach and use if you follow the 8 steps:

D1) Team Definition Pick people who have hands on experience with the involved business area(s) so they can help dig into the process details.
D2) Problem Description Follow the data and list the details: quantities, dates, work order nubmers, etc.
D3) Contain with Temporary Actions Immediately contain WIP, finished goods, product in transit, and at customer site(s).
D4) Analyze Data & Determine Root Cause Show how you arrived at the root cause and provide a root cause statement.
D5) Permanent Corrective Actions Must directly align to stated root cause – ACT on the FACTS!.
D6) Verification Actions Test effectiveness across various conditions: shifts, operators, part numbers, etc.
D7) Preventive Actions List system changes, FMEA updates and standardize to other part numbers.
D8) Team Recognition Recognize success and include the customer.

To look at an example of a recently completed 8D project click here

Why do we do all this?

  1. CI Helps make UltraSource run smoother because we don’t just “band-aid” problems and issues, we fix them.
  2. Using these CI methodologies to resolve problems makes good business sense because it helps to minimize problems for us and for our customers.
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