Management Tool #3 is: On-Time Shipping

Feb 6, 2017

USI’s Management Tools

This newsletter is #3 in a 10-part series to explain the 10 great management tools that we use to help us be the thin film circuit supplier that you can really depend on.
  1. Contract & Quality Review
  2. Statistical Process Controls in Manufacturing
  3. AS9100 Quality Management System
  4. Risk Management Processes
  5. UltraFAST Program

We get it! Delivering late is as expensive and disruptive than it has ever been. Since we exist to help our customers succeed, we know we need to be extremely competent at shipping on-time. And, we are!

ERP IS KEY! Our factory is complicated so we use a sophisticated, customized ERP system to help us plan capacity and schedule the shop floor. We’ve learned that successful on-time performance can only happen when capacity is painstakingly managed and maintained. Our automated ERP system monitors our production cells and tells us where we need to take action.

THE DAILY SCHEDULE IS KING! We generate daily schedules for 90% of our cells and we ensure that all employees understand that perfect on-time shipping to customers can only happen when we execute perfectly on the shop floor.

COMMUNICATION IS VITAL!  We review any production misses at a daily production meeting which includes managers, team leaders, and support staff and we ensure that corrective actions are identified and put in place. This daily communication helps to keep everyone up to date and invested in our OTS performance.

An Operational Excellence Industry Consultant says:

“UltraSource’s overall use of their ERP system is impressive. USI does a great job with date management, scheduling, and execution. Based on my 43 years of experience, they have accomplished what most companies can’t even comprehend ….”

John E Boyer, Jr., President

J.E. Boyer Company Inc.

At UltraSource, we believe that our ability to ship on-time provides our customers with a distinct competitive advantage. Our customers place their orders with us knowing that we will ship perfect quality thin film products to them on-time. This helps them to be more successful with their own customers!

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