Training Gap Faces U.S. Manufacturing

Nov 30, 2011

Article from Forbes


John Farrell, contributing author at, interviewed Michael Casper, CEO of UltraSource, while attending at a meeting at MIT called for by the White House. Michael Casper said the AMP’s goal of helping to provide training solutions to companies that have an urgent need for qualified specialists is important, but it wasn’t enough.

“In the short term, we have nowhere near enough capable workers in the U.S., so we have limited options,” he said. “We must therefore fight to find the best employees we can and help them improve through training and feedback. This is a place for community colleges and local schools to help out and it represents a great opportunity for industry and academia to collaborate. The faster we can do this the better.”

But for the future, he went on, the country needs to get its fiscal house in order, “and put a lot of new practices in play that will support real sales growth or we will continue to see our national financial security erode. K-12 and college education curricula need to speak to the criticality of jobs and real sales growth as a means of supporting our country. This is a big area that has to be thought out — no silver bullets here that I can think of.”

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