UltraSource Unveils Employment Recruitment Advertising Campaign

Jan 4, 2011

Michael Casper, President & CEO of UltraSource, Inc., ceramic microchip manufacturer located in Hollis, NH, would like to invite you to the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport to attend the kick-off and unveiling of their new “Are You Ultra?” recruitment ads located at the main entrance escalators on January 4, 2011 at 10:00 AM. With loss of jobs reported in the news on a daily basis, we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the success and growth of our locally based manufacturing company.

UltraSource is a 100 person, privately held manufacturing company in Hollis, NH and currently has employment openings for experienced sales professionals, account managers, manufacturing cell managers, production schedulers, process engineers, industrial engineers, and cleanroom manufacturing personnel. USI has invested several million dollars in equipment and clean rooms for its manufacturing facility and is currently experiencing growth in many parts of its business.

Michael Casper was interviewed by NPR in November 2009 by Brian Reed, of NPR’s “All Things Considered”, for an article titled: “An Innovative Idea to Retain Workers”. At the beginning of 2009, due to the global recession, UltraSource’s sales and profits had fallen dramatically and Mr. Casper was being advised by his finance team to lay off 50% of the workforce. Fearing the sales problem was short term and not wanting to let so many valuable employees go, Mr. Casper enacted a plan to layoff only 30% of the workforce and cut retained employees’ wages by 10%, but with an exit plan in place.

At the beginning of March 2009, Casper put a profit goal in place and promised that if a certain profit level was reached that the employees would receive the 10% pay cut back as a bonus. By April 2009, the company had reached its goal. The company had cut its scrap rate by half and profits were realized. Casper decided to take his new incentive program to the next level. He informed his employees that in addition to earning back the 10% of their wages that were cut that they could now share in the company’s profits each month. This meant that not only did employees earn back the reduced wages but some month’s they were making more than before the reduction.

UltraSource has been able to rebound through this economic downturn and has rehired some of the workers that were laid off. Since this article was first published by NPR, UltraSource has hired 28 people: 6 hired this past November, 3 new hires to begin in December and currently has 20 open requisitions to begin staffing for the 10 to 15% growth expected for the beginning of 2011.

UltraSource provides ceramic microchip manufacturing services to companies who need to include ceramic microchips into their own products. UltraSource’s chips are used in many high tech electronic and optical applications such as military communications, fiber optic transmission, infrared detection, automotive radar, and specialty medical applications.

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