Polyimide Processing

Jan 10, 2017

New fabrication techniques that improve performance, lower assembly costs, or reduce size are always of interest. Enter Polyimide! Polyimide is a polymer material known for its thermal stability, good chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties, and characteristic orange/yellow color. The cured film properties of polyimide allow it to be used as dielectric features in thin film applications in order to provide performance or assembly benefits. Polyimide coatings are being used more and more as customized, integrated 3D dielectric coatings on thin film circuits and interconnects.

In Lange Couplers and similar devices where there is a need to replace wirebonds with a robust cross-over, we often use polyimide as a permanent cross-over. Cross-overs supported by polyimide provide a rugged, highly reliable structure.

Polyimide offers the ability to build up multiple layers of circuitry and dielectric on thin film circuits on ceramic, thus providing the ultimate process for reducing size and increasing signal speed.

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