How UltraSource Built a Reliable Delivery System for Our Customers

Try us and Experience Our Reliable Quality, Service, and Value Many of our customers are high technology market leaders who demand 100% on-time shipping (OTS) and quality from their supply chain. As a custom thin film job shop, achieving 100% performance takes extraordinary commitment to building and executing a reliable order fulfillment [...]

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UltraSource, Inc. Featured in Publication “Microwave and Millimeter‐Wave Electronic Packaging”

Michael Casper, President & CEO of UltraSource, Inc., a thin film ceramic microchip manufacturer is pleased to announce that UltraSource, Inc. is featured in the publication titled “Microwave and Millimeter‐Wave Electronic Packaging” by Rick Sturdivant and published by Artech House. Author, Rick Sturdivant, has over 20 years of industry experience in designing modules, packages, and [...]

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Choosing the Right Thin Film Metallization

The metallization that you select for your next thin film design is critical to the success of that product. The metallization scheme is defined as the metal layers that make up the lines and features on a thin film circuit or interconnect. A typical metallization scheme consists of an adhesive layer, a solder layer, and a [...]

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UltraFast®- Rapid Prototyping Program

As designers of the next generation of wireless, telecommunications, and RF/microwave products, you know time is the enemy. Enter UltraFAST®, the first and only thin film prototyping program of its kind. Rather than waiting weeks or months for your critical prototypes, UltraSource is fabricating them in a matter of days—cutting your time to market as you [...]

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Custom Thin Film Manufacturing Services

Experience Our Reliable Quality, Service, and Value NOTE: In order to serve you best with our e-newsletters, we want to hear from YOU on which specific thin film or design or manufacturing topics you want to learn more about. Please email me directly with your ideas or topics of interest at [...]

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ENEPIG – The “Universal Finish”

ENEPIG ENEPIG is a surface finish system that is compatible with both gold and aluminum wire bonding, but also provides high-strength soldering. ENEPIG eliminates reliability issues related to reduced solder joint strength with gold (embrittlement). ENEPIG is the acronym for Electroless Nickel (EN) Electroless Palladium (EP) Immersion Gold (IG). ENEPIG, defined in specification [...]

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UltraBridge – The Alternative to Wire Bonding

Experience Our Reliable Quality, Service, and Value The UltraBridge was developed at UltraSource in 2005 to provide a reliable, cost effective solution for interconnecting thin lines in Coupler devices (see Figure 1 at side) and providing our customers with very repeatable, high frequency performance. A Lange Coupler is a microwave device [...]

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“Christmas in July” UltraSource Supports Nashua Soup Kitchen, Nashua, NH

USI employees celebrated "Christmas in July" by donating non-perishable food items, canned goods, toiletries, children's snacks, baby food, and household goods. This year the donation went to the Nashua Soup Kitchen, one of USI's local corporate charities of choice recipients. The Soup Kitchen reminds us that summer months are also a time of need [...]

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UltraSource to present thin film circuit design solutions at IMS 2013

UltraSource Inc., an industry leader in delivering thin film on ceramic manufacturing solutions, will be showcasing several of its technologies at this year's IMS 2013 held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington June 4-6. UltraSource will be located at Booth #611 and be on hand to speak about a wide range of [...]

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