Thin is In! (And We Can Help)

For many years, thin film technology has been used as an enabling fabrication technique for RF and microwave circuitry due to the technology's excellent line resolution, superb microwave substrate properties, and highly reliable construction. As transmission frequencies push higher and higher to gain broader bandwidth and higher data flows, designers of microstrip and coplanar thin [...]

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UltraSource, Inc. – Adds Zero Sort Recycling Program to Facility

Hollis, NH, April 8, 2013: UltraSource, Inc. a thin film microchip manufacturer is pleased to announce the addition of a Zero Sort Recycling Program to their facility.When it came time to renegotiate the trash hauling contract for UltraSource, Arthur Pearce, Facilities, Equipment & Safety Manager, wanted to make sure that UltraSource was not only getting the [...]

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Polyimide – Unlock the Potential of Your Thin Film Design

Polyimide Goes Mainstream New fabrication techniques that improve performance, lower assembly costs, or reduce size are always of interest. Enter Polyimide!  Polyimide is a polymer material known for its thermal stability, good chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties, and characteristic orange/yellow color. The cured film properties of polyimide allow it to be used as [...]

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How Your CAD File Affects the Success of Your New Thin Film Design

One key to reducing time to market and ensuring on-time delivery of your thin film designs is to be sure your CAD files follow industry standards and generally accepted good practices. To help customers understand how to ensure their CAD files are formatted and drawn as needed, UltraSource has updated a CAD File application [...]

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Presentation to Future Entrepreneurs of Financial Algebra Class

Soughegan High School, Amherst, NH Michael Casper, President & CEO of UltraSource , a guest speaker in Ms Jennifer Bonsu-Anane's Financial Algebra class delivered a presentation to 11th & 12th graders on "Modeling a Business". Casper covered information about UltraSource and thin film manufacturing along with some of the high tech applications [...]

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UltraSource releases new thin film microcircuit CopperVia

VIEW SOURCE: Microwave Journal Michael Casper, president and CEO of UltraSource Inc., a supplier of custom thin film circuits and ceramic interconnect devices, announced the new CopperVia™, based on the company's existing patented UltraVia™ process. The CopperVia was first introduced at the June2012 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium/Exhibition inMontreal, Quebec, Canada. UltraSource’s new CopperVia process fills [...]

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Backside Treatment for Epoxy Adhesion Enhancement

Experience Our Reliable Quality, Service, & Value UltraSource, Inc. now offers this cost effective backside treatment process to all customers wishing to attach thin film components with epoxies and improve the adhesion and reliability of the bonding.  This surface treatment will often result in improved adhesion and eliminate the need for customers to "roughen [...]

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Why Thin Film Circuits from UltraSource, Inc.?

To Experience Value, Service, and Reliable Quality To provide VALUE for our customers, we maintain flexible production cells so we can build and deliver products at the price you need. Our new commercial production cell has the capacity andaggressive pricing to be very competitive. Give us a try! With UltraFAST, we offer the best guaranteed rapid prototyping service in [...]

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UltraSource, Inc. Releases New Thin Film Microcircuit CopperVia

VIEW SOURCE: RF GlobalNet Michael Casper, President & CEO of UltraSource, Inc., a supplier of custom thin film circuits and ceramic interconnect devices, announced the new CopperVia, based on their existing patented UltraVia process. The CopperVia was first introduced at the June 2012 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium/Exhibition in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. UltraSource’s new CopperVia process, [...]

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Happy New Year from UltraSource

Happy New Year! UltraSource, Inc. has just completed our 22nd year in business and we want to thank you for being a valued partner in our business – we  know that you have choices.  As your industry leader in delivering thin film manufacturing solutions, we constantly strive to offer you quality breakthrough processes and integrated [...]

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