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Gold or ENEPIG plating can be added to sputtered films for applications when plating is required. Gold plating is used to build up thin film coatings and ENEPIG is used to provide solderability and wire bondability from the same metallization.

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Metalized Windows

UltraSource, Inc. provides thin film metalization and patterning services that allow our customers to hermetically seal windows and lenses into optical, laser, and infrared assemblies. Our unique thin film metalization and patterning processes apply solderable metal coatings that provide hermetic integrity against a variety of the tough applications like space, infrared signal transmission, and medical [...]

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Polyimide Processing

New fabrication techniques that improve performance, lower assembly costs, or reduce size are always of interest. Enter Polyimide! Polyimide is a polymer material known for its thermal stability, good chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties, and characteristic orange/yellow color. The cured film properties of polyimide allow it to be used as dielectric features in thin film [...]

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Backside Burnishing

When high reliability bonding is desired, it is ideal to "burnish" the mating surfaces so the epoxy has a mechanical pattern for the epoxy to "key" into. Backside burnishing is a unique backside metallization treatment developed at UltraSource to enhance the adherence of thin film components to carriers by epoxies. Backside burnishing results in a [...]

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